Met twin turbo upgrade naar 2500PK

Twins are in tha house…2500HP dragtruck in the build.
1st step of the upgrades this winter is converting from the single 101mm turbo behind the cab to twins turbo in the front.
There are more upgrades planned but this will be explained in the future updates.
After some research and lots of opinions i decided to go twin 80mm…
Because of a little 301cui high rpm-engine , the spooling with an automatic trans was very hard,,,,we tried it with nitrous but i didn’t like that,
With a new set-up where the turbo’s are placed in the front near the engine we can use the heat way better,
Today i received 2 80mm Batmowheel turbochargers made by Bullseyepower / Bill Devine
With a small A/R they will spool fast and give still enough HP to reach our goal: mid 6 sec Et runs.
With capable of 1250 Hp each ,it will be a badd ass plus dragtruck.
Without going into too much detail,,,,we are going to chase some records in Europe and the World 😉 but later on more about this plans.

68-2 img-20161026-wa0003