Custom Exhaust Shop : Nieuwe sponsor bevestigd.


As promised:
Very happy to announce the return of Custom Exhaust Shop.
Paul Overbeeke was sponsor back in 2013 when he builded some stainless steel headers for the 555 engine in the 69 Chevelle.

After seeing my plans for the twin turbo upgrade we came in contact again.
He did a really nice job for the Chevelle and he needs another eye-catching project on his list.
Custom Exhaust Shop will take care for all the stainless steel and alumnium work.
He will of course create new flanges and headers from the engine to the BullseyePower 80mm turbo’s
All with V-band connections.
The exhaust pipe from the turbo’s will be aluminum.
The headers for the SB2.2 nascar heads will be provided with SS-bungs for the Egt’s and a bung for the o2-sensor.
From the turbo’s to the intake throttle body will be polished aluminum…..
We will create a photo-album during this build so everbody can see how the project grows to a badd-ass plus machine.
When the engine is back we can finally decide where the twins will be……
If you need new headers of other related Paul Overbeeke